I know that, supposedly, I should write a post with amazing photos to celebrate my new layout and all, but the truth is that this blogger here is just like any other girl in the world: I decided to photograph what I was wearing to celebrate my mom’s bithday at the last minute. That’s why the pictures aren’t all that good because the timing was awful but the outfit is nice and the intention is what counts, right?

rouge marie 1

Blouse: Marileti na Rouge Marie –  http://goo.gl/oSmYzY

Skirt: Chica Bolacha – http://goo.gl/TqUQjT

Flats: Renner

Bag: Renner

Necklace: Le Charm (the store is at 25 de Março Street, in São Paulo)

rouge marie 2

I really liked the idea of wearing the blouse tucked out because it looks more fashionable and it reminds me of those private school uniforms, which I find cute. The item is not very long, so it worked well for this kinda look. I love polka dots and the floral print is very nice. The transparency in the sleeves is also a very nice touch. Perfect for when you want to run away from boring on a daily basis!

rouge marie 3

rouge marie 4

I love rounded skirts because they fit well girls who have large hips and girls who don’t – like me. The cut helps you balance the proportions, so it pretty much works for everybody. Yay! 

rouge marie 5

rouge marie 6

You don’t have to be afraid to wear a maxi necklace with patterns. It’s very fashionable and nowadays there’s no need to coordinate everything. Try to inovate and get outta your comfort zone when you’re going to dress yourself because we need more daring fatshionistas! <3




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Tô doida atrás de uma saia assim, menina! E também gostei da dica do maxicolar, eu tenho um monte e não uso porque nunca “combina” com nada rsrsrs…. Ficou linda!

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