jeans plus size e uma história para contar">Um jeans plus size e uma história para contar

Este post de look do dia é um pouco diferente dos demais. Vou falar sobre um jeans plus size e tenho uma história para contar. Aos 16 anos, morando nos Estados Unidos, entrei pela primeira vez na loja da marca Abercrombie & Fitch. Super popular, todos os adolescentes queriam usar suas roupas. Na escola em … Continue Reading

Look do dia: vestido cartoon

Voltei, gente! Andei sumida porque estive viajando e a correria foi tanta que não deu tempo de postar e o blog ainda está com um bug que tá dando trabalho pra resolver, mas estou tentando retomar a rotina! Esses dias usei esse vestidinho lindo com estampa de cartoon da coleção “Imagine” da Chica Bolacha. Esses … Continue Reading

Nadia Aboulhosn lança coleção cápsula com Bohoo

Recentemente a blogueira plus size Nadia Aboulhosn, conhecida por seus looks ousados e queridinha da mulherada plus mundo a fora, está dando o que falar também na mídia mainstream devido ao lançamento de sua coleção cápsula no último dia 23 de março. Mas todo esse frisson não se deve somente à coleção e sim à grande semelhança entre … Continue Reading

How to create a fine look with a beachwear item

Today’s look is pretty cool because there’s a beachwear item being worn in a pretty stylish outfit. This black palazoo pants has a really nice cut and because of the extra fabric around the hips area, it doesn’t show your rear end or any cellulite: it’s just perfect! I wanted to combine items that are comfortable, … Continue Reading

Patterned skirt: 4 ways to wear it

I’m crazy about skirts. It’s my favorite clothing item and I have many different styles in my closet. I feel sexy, beautiful, more feminine and I think it makes my body look even nicer. I’m a #1 fan! Xica Vaidosa is a Brazilian plus size brand that is really good at making skirts for plus … Continue Reading

Outfit of the day: many shades of blue

Let’s be honest: isn’t amazing to think that a single dress can make you feel super gorgeous, sexy and girlie at the same time? And isn’t it lovely to think that whenever you’re in a hurry and have no time to think about what to wear you can simply put on a dress and look … Continue Reading

Outfit of the day: folk style

This is, so far, definitely one of my favorites looks for 2015. The gypsy blouse has a very delicate look with frills and it looks super cute with the patterned skirt. I think it helps to disguise my belly and it gave my body a nice proportion. The folk style is super hot right now … Continue Reading

AVA & VIV: plain Jane

I was definitely one of the happiest fat girls when I heard about Target’s AVA & VIV launch. A whole collection that had the help of wonderful bloggers Gabi Gregg, Nicolette Mason e Chastity Garner with Target price could not go wrong. But well, unfortunately that’s not true. If you have never been to Target, it’s a large chain store … Continue Reading

Outfit of the day: Pulp Fiction

It’s redundant how much I say I love rounded skirts. People must be tired of me talking about it but I just can’t help it because they’re super feminine, cute and adorable. A lot of women think they’ll make them look bigger, but it’s what I also always say: before judging a piece, try it … Continue Reading

When beachwear goes fashion

I don’t know about you, but when I shop, I want the clothes to be versatile so I can create various looks with them to be worn in different occasions. The same goes when the subject is the weather: it’s way nicer when you have the chance to buy something that can be worn in … Continue Reading