AVA & VIV: plain Jane

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I was definitely one of the happiest fat girls when I heard about Target’s AVA & VIV launch. A whole collection that had the help of wonderful bloggers Gabi GreggNicolette Mason e Chastity Garner with Target price could not go wrong. But well, unfortunately that’s not true.

If you have never been to Target, it’s a large chain store in the USA, pretty much like Walmart and Carrefour. They have their own brands for clothes that is sold in all their stores. I’ve had the opportunity to buy some items with really good prices (let’s say less than 10 bucks) so every time I’m outta bread or cheese, I stop there and enjoy the moment to peek at their plus size section.

Before the so expected launch of AVA & VIV, Target already had some plus size brandsPure Energy (casual/sporty), Merona (formal) and Mossino (casual). The cool thing about the store is that they always have all their clothes going from XS to XL and sometimes even to XXL, so I thought – and I blame myself for the projection – that AVA & VIV would have clothes that are more modern and cool, following the trends, with a good price range because, after all, it’s a clothing collection of a chain store.


Well, opposed to what I wished for, unfortunately the collection is full of mesh dresses and long skirts, wide blouses and t-shirts. Yeah, everything that fat girls are tired of wearing. For a moment I thought that the store I was at could be offering these options because they had a wide range of older customers, but then I remembered that I was at City Target in Downtown San Francisco, surrounded of commercial buildings and younger people. The collection was just boring that and I had to accept it.


I looked around a bit more to see what else was from AVA & VIV and I got items that, despite the fact that they were extremely basic, could be part of my daily looks, so I took them to the fitting room. Another deception: the two pieces that I liked most from AVA & VIV are basically the same from their other brands, Merona and Mossino (and those, from these brands, were on clearance). They basically just had a different price tag, as you can see in the picture below:


The positive aspects, for me, is that you can find all the AVA & VIV collection in all the Target stores and also online:  http://goo.gl/ybSSho. They fit up to size 4 XL and almost all pieces can be found in different colors.


The truth is that I left Target pretty disappointed and asking myself why they invested so much in a new plus size line and invited awesome bloggers if their collection is not offering cool clothes. Also, the price range is more like Forever 21′s instead of Target’s. To say I didn’t come home with an empty hand, I bought a cardigan from their clearance for U$3,96.

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look pulp fiction

Outfit of the day: Pulp Fiction

It’s redundant how much I say I love rounded skirts. People must be tired of me talking about it but I just can’t help it because they’re super feminine, cute and adorable. A lot of women think they’ll make them look bigger, but it’s what I also always say: before judging a piece, try it on and see how you feel wearing it. You might actually be really surprised! We can’t just embrace every fashion rule that we once heard: we have to make our own conclusions and trying clothes on is the best way to find out what works for you or not.

pulp fiction 6

Sunglasses: Armani

Tank top: Chica Bolacha – modelos aqui: http://goo.gl/MPCNid

Skirt: Chica Bolacha - http://lojachicabolacha.com.br/

Belt: C&A

Sandals: Renner

Purse: Le Postiche

pulp fiction 7

pulp fiction 8

Another tip that I like to point out is to choose thicker, medium heels because they’re more comfortable and give you more balance, so look for this kind of heels when you go shopping for shoes: you’re gonna fall in love with them!

pulp fiction 1

pulp fiction 2

pulp fiction 3A lot of people talk to me about their fear of wearing tank tops because of the thick arms. This is sooo silly! If you’re fat, that means your arms are not skinny, right? And even when you’re wearing clothes that have sleeves, people can still see their thickness, so why don’t you just set yourself free? Is it really worth feeling uncomfortable and hot on a summer day because of what other people will think? Seriously, your well-being and your happiness is what really matters. Tank tops do not make you ugly, so just get rid of this idea that you can’t wer them!

pulp fiction 4

pulp fiction 5I hope you liked it! Looking forward to your comments :)



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When beachwear goes fashion

I don’t know about you, but when I shop, I want the clothes to be versatile so I can create various looks with them to be worn in different occasions. The same goes when the subject is the weather: it’s way nicer when you have the chance to buy something that can be worn in summer and fall, for example – I know that depends a lot on where you live because some countries have severe winter. So, thinking about all these fashion issues, I decided to talk about how you can wear beachwear on a daily basis!

Marini Brasil is a Brazilian beachwear brand that really produces clothes thinking about the necessities of plus size women. They go beyong bikinis and bathing suits: their beachwear offers items that can be worn on a daily basis. Here are some suggestions:

Long dresses plus size

- Long dresses can be worn in every season and you can either create a very basic or a fierce look. If you are going to the beach, flip flops or flat sandals will be your best friend;

- Wanna wear ir on a daily basis in different styles? Go for accessories: long or short necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings can be matched according to the occasion;

- Belts are awesome to define your waist line and make your body look even curvier on a long, sleek dress;

- Casual sneakers are going to give you an informal and trendy look. Long dresses can basically be matched with all sorts of shoes: the sky is the limit! Just pay attention to the style you want and find the best pair;

- Winter time? No need to put your dresses away! Wear thick tights under and bet on stylish coats to rock your look;

- Do you have a party to attend? A long black dress is always a sign of elegance. If you have long hair, make a tall bun, but if you have short hair do something more stylish to look polished. Nice make up and finer accessories will make you look astonishing. Oh: don’t forget the clutch!

See how long dresses are trendy and nicce to have on your closet? 


1. Siracusa Dress in Navy Blue: http://goo.gl/HFG2z7

2. Monaco Dress in Pink: http://goo.gl/ph7lTh

3. Siracusa Dress in Pink: http://goo.gl/e2z86x

4. Monaco Dress in Black: http://goo.gl/UCSOZd

Beachwear plus size

Did you like my suggestions? I really love how Marini does beachwear with a contemporary style that allows you to wear the clothes on a daily basis and not look at it and go “oh, it’s beachwear”. If you go to their website, you’re gonna find a bunch of gorgeous pieces that I didn’t even publish. Come take a look: http://www.marinibrasil.com.br/roupas

*This is a paid article

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cinderela torrid

Torrid launches plus size collection inspired in Cinderella

Hi! My name is Raissa and a few weeks ago I moved to San Francisco, California. I’ll be writing for Grandes Mulheres on a weekly basis to share some of my experiences here with you. I hope you have fun! :)


If you are deeply in love with Torrid, I now share the same feeling because last week I got to visit Torrid’s Stonetown Galleria and I went nuts! The store has wonderful clothes for plus size women regardless of your style. There are animal prints, comic prints, tricot, polka dots, pleaded skirts, satin items, various dresses, shoes, lingerie, bags and a whole world of wonderful clothes. I was there for TWO HOURS just going around and peeking at every detail.

The saleswomen are fat, fashionable and extremely attencious. The dressing rooms are huge, comfy and they have a lot of hangers. They place your name on the door so they know who they are talking to: that’s awesome! The salesperson who helped me was really in synch with fashion so she gave me a lot of trendy tips on how to wear some of the items. To make my happy day even happier, they had the most amazing offer: if you bought one pair of jeans, they would you give you another two for free!! So yeah, I bought one and took three home. Thanks, Obama <3

But back to the subject, few people know that Torrid has a big collection with Disney. There are dresses, t-shirts, sweatshirts and just a bunch of things for you to go crazy. In my delirious shopping day, I brought home a beautiful tee from Nightmare Before Christmas. Now, the coolest thing ever: to celebrate the remake of Cinderella in the big screen, Torrid is lauching a capsule collection inspired in the famous princess for plus size women. The items are suuuuuper cute and adorable: there are outfits for daily wear and a fancy dress for you to rock at a party. Take a look!

cinderella torrid 1 cinderella torrid 2 cinderella torrid 3 cinderella torrid 4 cinderella torrid 5

The online collection was sold in 24 hours (there’s only one style of blouse and overcoat available) but the stores still have some items. Because I wasn’t able to shop online, I’ll go hunting for my Cinderella ruffle dress. Is this collection was being sold in your country, which items would you buy?

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Grandes Mulheres on Glamour Magazine Brazil

It’s so refreshing to see that Brazilian magazines are finally opening up to the plus size world. We’ve been accomplishing some space in the media and there’s way more to be done, but it’s awesome to see a magazine like Glamour Brazil giving us space to talk about plus size fashion. Me and 3 other fellow bloggers are talking about clothes that people say you shouldn’t wear but heack yeah, you should!

The article is in Portuguese, but you can see it here: http://goo.gl/JJq5TS

Captura de Tela 2015-02-21 às 15.35.25

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tutorial make

Tutorial: basic make up for everyday

Hi! My name is Paula and I became a video addict! LOL…. Well, truth is that now I’m actually enjoying the whole video experience. I know I have a lot to learn and improve, but practice makes perfect, right? I’ll get there!

I decided to teach you my basic make up for a daily basis. It’s pretty simple to make and you don’t need to be a pro. The cool thing about it is that you can vary colors and also the intensity that you apply them, creating a discrete or more dramatic look according to what you wish.

The video is in Portuguese, but you can just look at it and pretty much understand what’s going on. If in the future there’s a demand for videos in English, then I’ll do it! :)

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tutorial babyliss2

Tutorial: Quick and practical babyliss

Many girls love that sultry, sexy hair with large waves. The top model Gisele Bundchen has mastered it but not everybody has the time or patience to just do their full hair, piece by piece, using the curly iron. In this tutorial I’m gonna teach you a very simple, quick and fast way to get beutiful, sexy, wavy hair using a curly iron and it’s only going to take about 5 minutes. The video is in Portuguese, but it’s pretty easy to understand just by looking at what I am doing. I hope you like it!

If you want to subscribe to my channel, here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/grandesmulheres

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cindy crawford bikini

“I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford”

I’m still trying to understand why the media didn’t make a big fuss about this – even I, who work with this kinda issue, had never heard about this as of today. When I was younger my favorite supermodel was Cindy Crawford. I do not know exactly why, but I always thought she was beautiful, confident and extremely sexy. She once said something that struck me: “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford.” After I heard her say that, she had my respect and admiration. The statement referred to all those tricks and retouches that images receive, so basically she admitted that she did not look like what see on the pages of magazines.

We’ve been suffering severe opression to be something we are not - neither could be – for decades. We have lived and will live with these “wounds” that this idealized beauty, that could never be real, gives us. Many people still can’t understand that it is simply impossible to look like a model of a magazine’s cover because there is no Photoshop in real life. Perfect hair with no split ends or frizz; waists that are meticulously “carved” and skin that has no pores, blemishes or wrinkles: that’s not real!

cindy crawford marie claire

In 2013 Cindy was photographed for Marie Claire Mexico representing an icon of the mexican film industry: the star Maria Felix. Then, at 47, she looks fierce and yes, the fotos were retouched. However, for some reason, someone leaked an untouched photo of the top wearing a bikini and I was amazed! Isn’t it awesome to see that one of the most beautiful women in the world is aging gracefully? She might have flabby skin now on her belly, for example, but her legs are toned and muscular; she has celulite, but her skin looks radiant. And then I ask you: isn’t that what happens to all of us, mere mortals?

Cindy is just like any other woman who has not discovered the fountain of youth, who decided not to do a tummy tuck to remove the loose skin of her belly and who goes to the beach wearing a bikini being sure that she looks great. If you look at her paparazzi pictures, she doesn’t look worried about what they’ll do with it or about what people will say about her body because, well, she is just chilling. As a journalist I will say that magazines will not publish photos with no retouch unless it’s some kind of special article or project because they need to sell the unreal to make you believe you need to buy a ton of stuff to fit in, so I don’t judge Cindy, but I love the fact that she’s an advocate of natural beauty.

cindy crawford

I wrote this article because I would like you to be inspired by the image of one of the most beautiful women in the world to its “natural”. Although there is a production and makeup in the photo, Cindy’s body is what it is and she is happy with it as well. You can even try to hide in clothes, makeup and etc, but what matters is: do you love yourself just as you are? Because production is only an illusion, but what’s real is what has to be loved. I never said it was easy, because I myself have to work out towards my acceptance and good self-esteem daily (because I’m not as confident as you guys think I am), but what we have to stop comparing ourselves to other people.

If Cindy, who has all the media going after her and because of being one of the most important top models in history is going around having fun wearing a bikini and not worrying about a thing, then why do we care so much about what other people will say about us? Why is their judgment so important? Embrace your “imperfections” and be happy because guess what? Perfect does not exist! The one thing I can tell you is: for God you are and will always be beautiful and perfect! ;)



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